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Rapidly analyse and document your actual process and transaction usage. Provides immediate savings in Cost of Ownership and reduction of customisations. Integrates with SAP® Solution Manager for fast-track SAP Netweaver® upgrades.

Convert and integrate process model content within the leading tools: SAP Solution Manager, ARIS, Visio, Nimbus Control, ProVision and Oracle

Methods, compliance and industry reference models, including ARIS Support and e-Learning for ARIS and BPM.

SAP® Solution Manager (SAP NetWeaver®)

Facing the challenge of SAP upgrades and implementation

ECL offers support for SAP users and implementation partners with the tools and methods required for SAP Process Design (Business Blueprinting) and SAP Document Management..

The SAP landscape has changed dramatically from the R/3 platform to a multitude of components, modules and industry solutions, creating SAP's Enterprise Service Architecture (ESA).

To prepare for upgrades and to exploit the new functionality offered, a blueprint is needed which defines the scope and the components required.

SAP Solution Manager: Business Blueprint

ECL can help you to integrate this blueprint with process modellling tools such as ARIS, Visio, Excel, Nimbus Control, ProVision, or simple HTML. This provides web-browser based portals which provide access to the process structure, transactions and documents across the enterprise.

Using our Process Analysis for SAP® package, ECL can also quickly provide you with a model of your current scope, identifying used and unused transactions and reports (including customisations).


  • Reduced cost and resources
  • Reduced risk
  • Knowledge capture and communication
  • Visibility and documentation of the process, ensuring end-to-end integration