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Rapidly analyse and document your actual process and transaction usage. Provides immediate savings in Cost of Ownership and reduction of customisations. Integrates with SAP® Solution Manager for fast-track SAP Netweaver® upgrades.

Convert and integrate process model content within the leading tools: SAP Solution Manager, ARIS, Visio, Nimbus Control, ProVision and Oracle

Methods, compliance and industry reference models, including ARIS Support and e-Learning for ARIS and BPM.

ARIS Workshops and Support

ECL offers in-depth, practical experience of applying ARIS within projects. Our training is focused to enable modellers to become operational and effective as soon as possible. It covers only the relevant model types and aspects within ARIS. Independent and informed advice will be given on how ARIS can meet emerging industry standards (e.g. BPMN, BPEL, etc.).

Independent and informed advice will be given on how ARIS can meet emerging industry standards (e.g. BPMN, BPEL, etc.), rather than a limited vendor-specific view.

ECL also offers standard ARIS e-Learning courses, which can be customised to match your company's formats and requirements.

ECL is supporting major ARIS users worldwide, having successfully delivered training and support programmes returning high satisfaction levels.

Training Portfolio

Each of the following workshops consists of sessions to address the queries that arise after getting started, and to review the initial models produced. The workshops can be delivered at your site or we can arrange convenient, off-site facilities.

  • ARIS Basics
  • ARIS Basics for SAP
  • ARIS Advanced (Customised)
Please contact us at to request pricing and course agendas.

Support (Example Workshops)

ARIS Method Filter
Establishing the optimum configuration for ease-of-use and effective analysis.

Review and Quality Assurance
Available as follow-on sessions to the training, including a review of the content produced, with advice on ARIS best practice.

Advanced Modelling
Process variants and analysis; generation of swim-lanes; advanced queries and reports, etc.

Import of Content from Visio (and other tools)
ECL supplies a well-proven range of products and services, enabling the import and consolidation within ARIS of content from Visio and Nimbus Control 2007.

Creation of Master Object Libraries
Using Excel-based import routines to quickly generate models containing master objects, such as roles, application systems, etc.

ARIS Reports
Establishing reporting requirements and provision of fixed-price configuration. Examples include attribute consistency checks and structured numbering of models and objects.

Project Consolidation
Consolidation of content between different modellers, teams and projects.

To discuss your ARIS project requirements, please contact ECL on +UK (0)1926 882674 or US Office +1 (617) 418 4585